Bucks County Playhouse Donors

The Annual Fund — Thank you!

Bucks County Playhouse Theater, Inc. would like to thank the following contributors for their extraordinary generosity.  If you would like to make a contribution, please call Chuck Finch, Director of Development, at 267-740-2090 ext. 111.  You can also email him at chuck@bcptheater.org with any questions you might have.  We need your help to make the Bucks County Playhouse an integral part of our community again!



Chris and Mary Jane Beck

Pamela Kerr and JaQuinley Kerr

Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall

Bridge Street Foundation


Gold Patrons

($25,000 – $49,999)

Alexandra Storm and John Bisignano

Bucks County Playhouse Conservancy/

PA Dept. of Community Development


Silver Patrons

($10,000 – $24,999)

Patty Oceanak and Vincent DiBianca

Sandra Esner – Kurfiss Sotheby’s Realty

Kimberly and Edward Gibbons

Patricia and Adolf Herst

Sally and Robert Huxley

Macquarie Group Foundation

Daniel Stern

The Tony Randall Theatrical Fund, Inc.

Sally and Harlan Weisman


Bronze Patrons

($5,000 – $9,999)

The Casella Dansky Family

Elaine and Anthony Grillo

Greg Kammerer and Fred White

Jones Lang LaSalle

Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation

Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus

Judith and George Sheffield

Barbara and David Stoller

Cathryn and Richard Zega


Crystal Patrons

($2,500 – $4,999)

John Augustine and Christopher Durang

Judith and Joseph Franlin

Gayle Goodman and James Searing

Maurice Harmon

Jacqueline and John Hover

Anne and Ed and LaFriniere

Kristen Maldonado and Patrick McGonigal

Sandra S. and David G. Marshall

Diane Michaels

David McShane

Deborah and Stephen Modzelewski

Jon and Wendy Paton

Hannah and Samuel Shipley

Walter Stoertz

Richard Winkler



($1,000 – $2,499)

Carolyn Ambler and Lucianne DiLeo

Ward Auerbach and Andy Baker

Mary and Richard Benioff

Jed Bernstein

Barbara and Richard Boyko

Robert L. and Joyce Byers

Stephen and Pamela Can

Whitney and David Chandor

Stuart and Alexis Cogan

Margaret and Thomas Copenhaver

The Davis Family Memorial Trust

Geri Delevich

Louis and Carol Della Penna

Robert Egan and Gordon Thomas

Jan and Rhonda Gale

Robert Gould and Nina Stack

Jacqueline and David Griffith

Allan Grim

Judith and James Hamilton

Patricia and Bruce Hamilton

Susan and James Hanlon

Susan and Tod Hullin

J&G Unlimited

Doro M. Kerr

In Honor of Lisa Lacroce Patterson for her Outstanding Service

The Lehman Foundation

Barbara and John Lehman

James McGirr

Mills + Schnoering Architects, LLC

Mary E. Moore

Ann and William Olson

Lisa J. and Jonathan Otto

David Rago Auctions, Inc.

Christine and Dr. Robert Reilly

Jeanne and Jeffrey Robinson

Run Now Wine Later

Alycia and Thomas Scannapieco

Elizabeth M. Simon

Patricia Neil Stalter

William and Shaun Stanert

Ron Strouse and Fred Cresson

Marjorie and Scott Sullivan

Ben and Terry Thomas Primer

Miriam and Jeffrey Tucker

James Treacy and Shoan Morales

Cherie and Robert Weller

Dean Williamson and David Pellegrino

Kelly and Richard Wolfington

Doreen Wright and Robert Beck



($500 – $999)

Patricia and Dr. Michael Antonaccio

Susan and Paul Atkinson

Mark Baum-Baicker

Nancy and Joseph Benincasa

Jean and William Brenner

In Honor of their 75th Birthdays Janet and Russell Brittain

Stuart Carroll

Barbara Coe

Juanita Crowley

James Curry

Roxanne and Stephen Distler

Susan and John Eichert

Joanne and Jay Eisenberg

Carlotta Evans

Ann and Timothy Falvey

Laurence R. Fieber

Fred Beans Family of Dealerships

Dr. John J and Molly Gribb

Blaze Gusic and Jay Alpert

Cynthia and Robert Hendrickson

Christine Pipitone-Herron and Jeffrey Herron

Lori Hoppman and Susan Vigilante

J.R. Maxwell Builders, Inc.

Dr. Steven Kaplan

Robert and Jacque Keck

Mayor Laurence D. Keller

Walter Kiskaddon

Beverly Landstrom

Dane Levens and Drew Desky

Natalie and Bruce Lotier

Patricia and Vito Loguidice

Kelly McDonnell

Meg McSweeney

Eleanor Miller

Andrew Monath

David Mulchinock

Brendan Nolan

Eileen Robert O’Neil

Diane Palmer and Gloria Fitzpatrick

Patricia and Joseph Pignitor

Pineapple Hill Inn B&B

Rosalie and Otto Reinbacher

Anne and Scott Reines

“Big C” Portman

Michael J. Rutkowski

Laura Schrock and George Evans

Mark Segal and Jason Villemez

Claire E. Shaw, D.M.D. and Michelle Smith

Jack Staub and Renny Reynolds

Charles F. Tarr and Roy Ziegler

Thom R. Watson

Rebecca and Thomas Wilschutz

Laurie Winegar

Donald L. Woods

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS


Friends & Supporters

($100 – $499)

Margaret and Edward Adgie

Michael Agnew and Phillip Shepherd

Jean Alderfer Troster

Katherine and Gary Andreassen

Appleton Lawncare and Landscape

Linda Aragona and Dr. Eloise Aita

Roger and Porter Aspeling

Wendy and Gabriel Battisti

Madeline and Gene Bayliss

Katherine Bagwell

Ashley Wayne Barlow

Joanne Baskin and Susan Santoni

Fred beans Family of Dealerships

Barbara and Jay Belding

Lizanne and Timothy Bernlohr

Roxanne Betesh and Caroline Woolley

Irene and Mark Biel

Kimberly and Keith Black

Joseph Boccagno

Gerry Bogatz

Kevin and B.J. Booth

Lawrence Booth

Felix Botelho

Lucy and James Brennan

James Briggs and Douglas Wilmot

Mark Brokaw and Andrew Farber

Kathleen Brown

Margaret and William Browne

Elzbieta and Bruce Brundage

Joann and Robert Bull

Maryann and Rich  Buser

Holly Bussey and Jim Sanders

Meredith and Michael Bzdak

Teresa Campbell and Claudette Enright

Laurel and Daniel Cantor

Laurence Capo and James Olson

Phyllis Castells

Molly and Kirby Castor

Donna H. Cayford

Celt Iberia Trader

Debra and Albert Cepparulo

Ted S. Chapin

Dr. Patricia Clark and Anthony Krzywicki

Russell Clinton

Sarah Cirrincione

Denice and Ernest Collazo

Lee Colletti

Karen Condit

William and Suzanne Connelly-Potts

Patricia Cosgrove and Agnes Hebling

Kristin Curtis

Elizabeth Danese

Duane Darienzo

deGrouchy, Sifer, & Company

Jill Dolan

Elliot Drexler

Ron DuBree

Bob Duaime

Charles and Rita Dunleavy

Fred and Linda Dunn

Tom and Lynn Ebeling

Mary and Henry Ellis

Terri and Jon Epstein

Kimberly and Ricardo Espat

Diana L. Evans

Richard T. Evans

Kathleen and Edward Fernberger, Jr.

Bryan Fisher

Georgia and William Ford

Ashley and Brian Formento

Mary and Patrick Fowles

Sandra Fox and Daniel Foose

Vera and Ira Friedman

Sharon Fronabarger and Jennifer Wohl

Ryan Fuller

Phyllis L. Gagner

Janice Gavin and Dianne Schmidt

Sally and William Getchell

Heather Giampapa

Ellen Gibson

Susan Harvey Gleeksman

James Gorecki

Mark Grant

Judith Guise

Iona and Dr. Maurice Harding

Gail and Al Hawraney

Khristian and Timothy Hawver-Scott

Kathy and Richard Hazen

Margaret and William Hecht

Margaret and Charles Henry

Joan and Howard Henschel

Paul Hess

Judith and John Hobday

Joan and Thomas Holmes

Denise and Keith Horlacher

Elizabeth and Scott Houlton

Michael Hurle and John Ramelli

Jack G. Hutton, Jr.

Elizabeth and William Johnson

Susan E. Kane

Kathleen K. Kasprzyk

Elizabeth and Douglas Keene

Gail and Alan Keim

Cathy and Christopher Kerr

Drs. Sandra and Mark Kiselica

Alexa Krepps

Kelly Krumenacker and Marcia Mullen

K2 Productions

Stacy and George Ladyman

Mike Lane

Susan Lehre

Dennis Lloyd

Ginny and Robert Loughlin

Amy Lyons and Donna Deely

Debby and Ken Maisel

Eileen Engle and Thomas Mallouck

Judith and Lawrence K. Mann

Jan Marabito and Gina Zebley

Edward Matthews

Stephanie and Brian Matusz

Mary Ellen Mason

Lisa F. Martin and Richard May

Anna McDonald and Luke Baker

Edward F. McGinley III

Linda McKeegan

Eleanor McNichol

Peggy and Kevin McRae

Elizabeth McLaughlin and Karen Hehl

Olga J. and Andrew Mercurio

Barbara J. Meredith

Connie Meyers

Anthony VanEyck Miller

Tari Pantaleo and Douglas Miller

Paula Miller

Donald Mitrane

Jacquelin F. Mohr

Frank Montemuro

Karen and Clifford Montgomery

Liza and Sky Morehouse

Vicki B. and Joseph Morrison

Patricia Mosseso and Ann Mayr

Angela Muller

Barbara and Lloyd Newbaker

David Newhart

Mae O’Brien

Matthew O’Brien and Frederick Guerino

William O’Connor

Joseph Ohrt

Deborah Olcese

Xana O’Neill

Roy Ortman and William Serrani

Nancy Pancko

Edythe and Richard Patterson

Susan and Howard Perloff

Donna and Michael Picone

Joanna Piorek

Dawn and Arnold Pohl

Rick Pollock and Eric Risberg

Michelle and Kenneth Posner

Inez Prescott

Patricia Price

Kimberley J. Price and Kevin Cressman

Virginia and Paul Raywood

Amy and Bruce Repasy

Marty and Mike Richino

Darren Robertson

Karen Robinson-Cloete

Doreen Robinson-Psyer

Jennifer Rogers

Ralph Rosenberg

The Rosenthal Family

Laurie and Mark Ross

Josey and John Rosenthal

Adrienne Royden and Fran Kayne

Joellyn Ruane

Bryce Rudolph and Thomas Butler

Reverend Leonard Rusay

Catherine Kenvin and Skip Russo

Joan and Louis Saltrelli

Jill and Howard Savin

Shaye and David Schloss

Joseph Seminara

Fred Sciallo and L. Thomas Flanagan

Gary Scibelli

Fiona and Alan Scott

David Shelfo and Scott Reinboth

Scott A. Silverman

Faith and Gurney Sloan

Hope Smolin

James Sontag

Lisa and James Spaziano

Jacque Strege

Margaret Fischer and Robert Starling

Courtney and David Sturgess

Kathleen Stussy

Barbara and H. Robert Tiffany III

John Eric Sebesta and William Tomai

Regina and Frances Toscani

Al Troglio

Maria and Ron Tuminski

Jay Doolan and David Visser

John Vivian

Lucinda and Peter Wallach

Allana Ward

Jennifer and David Whiteman

Joanne and Anthony Williams

Yvonne Wilson-Rice

David J. Witchell

Marcia Wittmann and Ron Iannacone

Lynne and Bert Wolff

Vivian and Ted Young

Nancy and Joe Zakrzewski

Peter Zalud and Age Diedrick

Gina Zebley

Diana Zoltick


In-Kind Contributions

Angel Hearts

Clusters Caramel Corn

Cornerstone Health and Fitness

John Danaher

Kevin and Sherri Daugherty

Digital Dog Direct

Bob Egan Entertainment

Frankie’s Trionfetti’s Gourmet Tomato Pie

Giant Food Stores

Bob Gould and Nina Stack

Hamilton’s Grill Room

Heart of the Home

Marsha Brown

Pudge Cakes

Lisa and Jon Otto

Pineville Tavern

PMDI Signs, Inc.

Savioni Designer Boutique

Bill and Nancy Strong

The Logan Inn

Up River Productions, Inc. for Embraceable You

Walker’s Wine and Spirits

75th Anniversary Gala Special Thanks:

Gala Sponsors

Delaware Investments

Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus

Greg Kammerer

Tonamora Foundation

Richard and Cathryn Zega

Education Supporters

Sandra Esner

Kim and Ed Gibbons

Anthony and Elaine Grillo

David and Sandra Marshall

David McShane

Sam and Happy Shipley

Gala Committee

Christopher and Mary Jane Beck

Andy Baker

Geri Delevich

Kim Gibbons

Greg Kammerer

JaQuinley Kerr

Pamm Kerr

David Michaels

Eleanor Miller

Rick Pollock

Eric Risberg

Hope Smolin

Nina Stack

Ron Strouse

Rebecca Tillet and Patty Ellis

Fred White

Richard and Cathryn Zega


The above listing is complete as of June 24, 2014. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, and we apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions.